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SPA by Diane Loring, Inc.

SPA by Diane Loring, Inc. provides a unique environment of healing and balance that nurtures the body, mind and spirit of each individual client. We Provide a wide array of treatments, including top quality service in massage, skincare, Reiki and many other wonderful offerings.

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SPA by Diane Loring, Inc in USA Today!

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Diane Loring, Joins WIF, Women In Film, Malibu!

An Interview with Dr. Lendl,
WISE Sports Psychologist,
EMDR-PEP in the Sports Arena

Thanks to Dr. Lendl for her enormous contribution to WISE, Women Involved in Sports Evolution, since it's inception, 16 years ago! Read more of the story on Examiner website

Our Resident Artist
Come in and view work by Dr. Priscilla Partridge de Garcia, our resident artist. Click the image to the right to experience Dr. Priscilla Partridge de Garcia. You may view her website by clicking here.

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